First Announcement

Oct. 15th, 2018

"The 2nd International Workshop on High Intensity Electron-Positron Accelerator (HIEPA) @2-7GeV in China (HIEPA2018)" will be held at University of Chinese Academy of Sciences (UCAS), Yanqihu Campus, Huairou, Beijing, China, on March 19-21, 2018.

High Intensity Electron Positron Accelerator (HIEPA) is one of the possible future collider project post BEPCII/BESIII in China. It would provide unique opportunities for understanding the QCD in the energy region bridging the perturbative and non-perturbative QCD; study the physics with tau lepton and charm quarks; search for new forms of hadron and explore the structure of hadrons; search for new physics beyond the Standard Model at high intensity and precision frontier.

The proposed HIEPA covers the center-of-mass energy of 2-7 GeV and has peak luminosity of 0.5~1.0x1035 cm-2s-1 at 4 GeV and polarized beam for physics at the tau-charm sector. It is also possible to serve as a 3rd/4th generation synchrotron radiation facility (SRF), and has the potential for the study for free electron laser (FEL).

The 1st international workshop for HIEPA (HIEPA2015) happened in University of Science and Technology, China (USTC), Heifei, China, on Jan. 2015. In the HIEPA2015 workshop, the physics potential on HIEPA have been discussed intensively, and the design of detector and accelerator have also been discussed.

The 2nd international workshop for HIEPA will invite both high energy physicists and accelerator experts to review the physics potentials and the conceptual designs of both detector and accelerators at the HIEPA facility. In addition, we will take this opportunity to discuss the possibilities of worldwide cooperation and formation of an international collaboration.

The workshop is supported by the Collaborative Innovation Center for Elementary Particles and Interactions (CICPI), USTC and UCAS.