For the application for the Chinese visa , please visit:

For a one-entry short travle (<=7 days) in China, it is convinient to apply for 'L type' VISA. For longer period or multi-entry VISA, the "F" type visa will be required.

Please note that foreign citizens must obtain a Chinese visa before entry into China, with the exception of visa-free entry based on relevant agreements or regulations. Please check the validity of your visa before traveling to China. If the visa has expired or the number of entries is not enough, you must apply for a new visa. Please contact the Chinese embassy or consulate in your home country for detailed information.We will send the visa letter via email to those who want to apply for the "F" type visa.

Preparing a visa letter will take at least two weeks! The deadline for dealing with the visa letter application is December 15, 2017!!!

If you do need the visa letter, please send the requirements listed below to the LOC (

①the pdf of the personal page of your passport
②the pdf of your last Chinese visa
③the necessary information of the visa applicant
Full name:
Date of Birth (YYYY/MM/DD):
Passport number:
Passport issue date(YYYY/MM/DD):
Passport expiry date(YYYY/MM/DD):

Need one-entry or multi-entries visa letter( if this is the first time you come to China or you only had a "L" type visa, you can only apply for one entry):

Address of the embassy or consulate of China where you apply for visa:

Date of Entry:
Job title:
Postal address:

④visit plan (if you need one entry, just fill line 1; if you need multiple entries, please fill at least 3 lines)


Entry date

Exit date

Reason of visit