14-16 September 2019
Modern Physics Building
Asia/Shanghai timezone
    The recent advance in baryon physics at BESIII includes nucleon form factors, baryon pair production, hyperon polarization and hyperon decay parameters. The purpose of this workshop is to bring together experts on baryon physics to discuss different aspects, with focus on production. We hope to attract attention to the interpretation experimental results and discuss prospects for baryon studies at the future super tau-charm factory.   
   The two-day's workshop includes the following topics:
  1. State of the art of nucleon form factor from theory and experiment
  2. The production of baryon pair in electromagnetic and hadronic processes
  3. Polarization in hyperon production or decay and the interpretations.
  4. Prospect of hyperon physics in the future super tau-charm factory

   The workshop will be held in University of Science and Technology of China, from Sep.14 to Se.16. The location of the workshop is in Room 210, Modern Physics Building. 
   The registration fee of the workshop is 600 CNY covering the conference room, meeting materials, lunch, dinner and coffee breaks. (Now no registration fee will be taken for this workshop.)
   The participants need to directly pay the hotel charges to their respective hotels. For accommodation, there is a "Guest House" in USTC that costs 342 CNY/night,  "JiangNanChun" Hotel near USTC that costs 218 CNY/night for a standard double bed room. Participants can also choose their accommodation in the "GaosuKaiYuan" Hotel (398 CNY/night), which is around 2km away from the conference venue. 

Starts 14 Sep 2019 08:00
Ends 16 Sep 2019 20:30
Modern Physics Building
  • Dr. Zhou, Xiaorong
  • Dr. Schonning, Karin
  • Prof. Zhao, Zhengguo
  • Prof. Huang, Guangshun
  • Prof. Kupsc, Andrzej
  • Prof. Ping, Ronggang
  • Prof. Yan, Wenbiao
  • Prof. Zhao, Zhengguo
  • Prof. Huang, Guangshun
  • Prof. Peng, Haiping
  • Prof. Yan, Wenbiao
  • Prof. Zhu, Yingchun
  • Dr. Zhou, Xiaorong
  • Dr. Liu, Dong
  • Dr. Xia, Lei
  • Dr. Wang, Weiping
  • Dr. Zhang, Yateng
  • Dr. Sun, Yankun